Absolute Bullshit.

What the fuck have I come to.

Another house I’m kicked out of.

This time my shit thrown out the door…

And I didn’t do shit at all.

He was waiting.

For ANY reason.

Even something as simple as a god damn phone call,

in which he purposely told me to answer to start drama.

Fuck you.

You constantly doubt me.

I will never live under your shadow again.

Fucked myself over.

Cause now I have even less fucking time to

find else where to go.

Until I’m on my ass again.

Everyone around.

On another level.

I don’t even crave it anymore.

I don’t really care.

Time to have another beer.

Get loosened up.

I’m so god damn uptight.

And its automatic fuck off anyone who tries me.

I might be sick.
I might need love.
So if I’m left with nothing left after you.
I’m waiting on a scenery that I’ll lose luck in defining.
rehabilitate this aching heart.
Breathe for me so I may have the chance to live again.
Reset my footsteps turned from misery.

I might hate who ive become.
But I fear for the rage.
I want to change.
I need to change.
Before all hope is lost.
she’ll never see you sane again.